United States v. Tsarnaev

Anonymous asked: So apparently according to the in with the family crowd on twitter allie's boyfriends ex-wife is a Christian and a bigot who doesn't want her kids near Islam and her.

So does Ailina’s boyfriend have one kid or three with his ex and how long has this nonsense been going on?  Get it together people, you have children!

Anonymous asked: Hey I have a quick question. I read on a pervious comment about Jahar and being suicidal or attempting.. I hope that person as evidence to back up such a statement. also I read that katherine remarried... where is everyone getting these facts?!?!?! I don't mean to come off rude lol It just these people went from keeping a low profile to thrown back into the spotlight because of this sisters stupid antics.

The only reference to suicide Jahar ever made was when he told LE during his initial interrogation that he and Tamerlan had originally planned a suicide bomb attack with vests.  According to him they later decided to change it to pressure cooker bombs.  I don’t think it’s a stretch to suspect Jahar may have been suffering from some level of depression - given all the personal/family stuff he had going on, the drastic change in his appearance, heavy drug use, failing grades etc…  Was he ever contemplating regular old bomb free suicide?  We don’t know. 

A local Boston reporter went down to North Bergen, NJ and found the house where Katherine is living with the Tsarnaeva sisters.  Local NYC media picked up the story and they tried to get their own spin on it.  From the tone of the reporting, it seems things got a bit heated.  Katherine may have lost her cool and shouted something at a reporter and Ailina told a reporter that Katherine had remarried and had a baby.  It appears she may have been joking.   Most here think the baby Katherine was seen holding is Ailina’s child.  I guess no reporter has bothered to check records to see if there was any marriage license issued. 

Sure didn’t see this latest drama coming though!  This case….

Anonymous asked: I respect your opinions so much I googled letting children take control and it surfaced articles that backed up your assertion. That kids know when there is a power vacuum and dominant personality fill the void: "Instead of following through on the adults’ wishes, they’ll be more interested in controlling their siblings and calling all the shots in the house." Sound familiar?

Thank you anon!  :)

The drama surrounding the family is what initially grabbed my attention and got me so interested in the case.  Anzor seemed so worn down by life, the result of a long process that had taken a toll on him long before the parents moved back to Dagestan or the BMB.  I completely understand why Tamerlan stepped in and took over as a dominating force, but neither parent should have allowed it to happen.

Anonymous asked: LOLOL! I love the Lowrentness of it all. Remember the BG article saying Alina had a propensity to get into fights. I hope the whole family takes the stand and does nothing other than just be themselves. It will actually help Jahar in mitigation. BTW, your question about reaching out: Ruslan was barred by Anzor in taking any of the kids under his wing. Older brother is jealous of younger brother's success.






Seriously tho, this x’s 1000.  I just can’t with this woman.  Please let her not have actually said  “Leave us alone. I know people who can put a bomb on you.” I hope there is a witness who can confirm she did not say that.  omg. smdh.  Mark your calendars everyone - Ailina’s next court date is September 30th.

The Ruslan/Anzor dynamic must have been super awkward.  Younger brother comes here and has great success, older brother can’t get his shit together and gets into bar fights.  Jealousy probably did factor into it big time.

or Zub could not part with Tamerlan, (neurotic tendencies is what the doc said…and that shopping lifting thing in July 2013, that was not the first time she was caught doing this!) thus hindering him from every really growing up and being independent - and him not going to D.C. to allow Ruslan to help him. Yet, this family dragged Ruslan through the mud, accusing him of being a CIA agent in cahoots with the gov and setting up these brothers. Ruslan alludes to some other issues he had with his brother’s family, something concerning his wife. (as one of the sisters was married to Ruslan’s wife brother, and we see that ended in divorce)

So it was actually Jahar’s family who started that garbage rumor about Ruslan being a CIA agent and somehow being part of some plot to frame the boys? At least I think that was it, I never could keep it all straight. I always figured that stuff started in the FreeJahar groups.

Ruslan is the best representative of that family in the U.S. They need this man, imo. He could be a pivotal witness for the defense because he can testify to the level of dysfunction in the family. So it sure would be dumb if Jahar’s family turned out to be biting the one family hand who could help them.

Ruslan was married to the daughter of a former CIA agent named Graham Fuller in the 90’s.  I guess Ruslan actually lived at his father in laws house at some point. 

Yes, that’s right. But how people jumped from that fact to the idea that Ruslan was the missing link of some CIA / FBI / Skull and Bones / Illuminati  plot to frame the Tsarnaev brothers seems so far out it might as well be orbiting Jupiter.

BTW, I am going to hell. Stay tuned. You will be tagged, PV.

Anonymous asked: When I saw the headline today about aliana..I wanted to smack her. She obviously lack maturity and control over her emotions. I mean really is it that hard to avoid situations that will further damage your family. My opinion of these girls has changed dramatically since 2013. Being the same age as them, at first I felt sympathy. Now I realize their both ghetto, trashy girls. Get your lives together!!! As a fellow Muslim, I want gto rip their hajibs off and teach them what real Islam is.

Cont. A hajib is only for those who follow the peaceful aspect of this religion because it represents modesty, respect for self and others. Also, I have witnessed plenty of arranged marriages, failed and successful. These girls live in America. They could have continued to pursue their education, gotten jobs. If they had the guts to get divorces and fight baby mamas, then there was nothing holding them back to take a better route.
Cont 2— I feel like BC of his family’s behavior, I understand jahars depression and suicide wish. Even if jahar distanced himself like uncle ruslan and has achieved success, he still would have been considered a failure in the Muslim/conservative Chechen community.

Anonymous asked: from latest article on whdh (Sister of Tsarnaevs arrested for making threat involving bomb). when asked about the bombing by 7News reporters this past weekend she said "everyone knows my brothers were framed." this is from aug 2014 :S

do you have a link for this?

Anonymous asked: Lol, ueah that is my bad. I completely underestimated how many hoops and investigation certain people would have to do before choosing to publish. Apparently publishing good scoops these days means doing a lot of homework. Idk, that savage's and greenwald's perogative I guess. But it is coming. Last time I heard before October but it might be as early as Sunday. We'll see how that goes. I hope my boss has a stroke over this.

Okay… you know where to find me.

Anonymous asked: Sorry, but I believe you misunderstood. I'm not kidding, nor am I a person you assume is a troll. I'm not trolling. -B.M.

What are you then?  You’ve repeatedly sent me messages proclaiming some epic event was about to take place that would blow my socks off and cover my fans with shit, yet my feet remain covered in socks and my fans only have cat hair on them.  What am I to think B.M.?

Anonymous asked: Why would Ailina say "put a bomb on you" which is broken English - she can speak perfect English. There's that video with her in it when she's much much younger and no hijab speaking fluently.

Maybe the ex girlfriend speaks broken English and that is what she reported to police.  Ailina will be back in court on Sept. 30th with regard to this latest charge.