United States v. Tsarnaev

Anonymous asked: What`s wrong with having a parasocial relationship? Who asked you if we ever wanted to quit?

Anon = Dr. Phil

Anonymous asked: It`s serious. Most of you on here do have a parasocial relationship. You`re either blind to it, won`t admit it to yourselves, or probably don`t even realize it.

I’ll be sure to bring it up with my therapist. 

Anonymous asked: ehhhhhh. I hate all of this... This whole situation is shit, all around.


Anonymous asked: Are you leaving tumblr if he pleas out?

Eventually, yes.  Maybe I’ll just post nothing but gifs of my cat.

Anonymous asked: You guys all seem to have a deep, almost parasocial relationship with the brothers and his family. Even those people who consider themselves "serious case bloggers" have been reduced to being fangirls, including yourself. Why? It`s because of that relationship, & this goes way beyond simply trying to empathize or understand. Some of you guys, a good margin actually act like you know these people so well. It`s not like you were actually in their lives. People in their lives didn`t even understand

You must be a delight to know in real life.

Anonymous asked: I was doing research the other day and was reading up on Zacarias Moussaoui. I know the situations aren't the same at all, as he pleaded guilty w/o a plea deal, but the part that interested me the most was that the trial exhibits presented at his sentencing were all posted online (you can find the link on his Wikipedia page). It gave me hope that if this case never goes to trial, we still might get something...but then again we might not.

Hmm, well that gives me some hope if this doesn’t go to trial, but I am still pretty confident that it will go to trial.    There is so much interest that I’d think something would have to be revealed and the survivors want answers too.

Anonymous asked: If this does not go to trial, I WILL LOSE IT!!!!!!! I've been following this case since you came on here PV, so many unanswered questions. I thought it was a good sign that they were going through the process with preparing for jury selection, but you just said they have to proceed as if going to trial until an actual plea is accepted.You have put so much into this case. We want answers!

Yeah, I’m not gonna lie, I’d be plenty cheesed off about this not going to trial.  At the same time I’m really concerned about what’s going to come out during the trial and I think there is a good chance he gets the DP.  If there’s a deal, we have unanswered questions, but Jahar avoids the DP.    

I’ve put a shit load of time and effort into this, but if there is a plea deal, I’ll have to accept it and move on.  I will require a group hug from y’all tho!  :)

Anonymous asked: what would it necessarily mean if they did make a deal? ik there woudnt be a trial then but what would jahar's fate be? and would the details never come out? i feel like thats really unfair, particularly to the victims who should know what happened.

Jahar’s defense is basically looking to get DP off the table.  The best deal he could possible be offered is life without parole and he’ll most likely serve out his sentence in solitary until his death at ADX Florence.  

There is a lot of interest in the case and some details will leak out eventually.  Not as good as a trial, but it would be something.  There will always be questions and conspiracy surrounding this case, even with the trial.

We know Jeff Bauman has been privy to some inside information regarding the bombs, but he’s probably very interested in this going to trial to find out why this happened. 

Anonymous asked: Noooooooooooo! No deal!!! I want a trial! They cant do that to us! We have waited too long for more details! Noooooooooooo! Say it isnt so!





Yeah, don’t think I’m not having that same reaction!  lol.    The status conference today was very brief and the tone seemed different than the tension and back and forth at the last one.   

And maybe the deal is why Judy Clarke made such a long trip for such a short SC… She needs to help J with the deal.

She attends most hearings. She is probably in town working on the case. Afterall, he has 4 other attorneys who could work on deal, but I doubt that is happening. I am not sure why people are leaning towards this idea.

Initially several people (myself included) thought there might be a deal, but I have long since let that idea go. If the prosecution had any intention of offering a deal it would have happened by now. Considering the daily cost on both sides to take this particular case to trial, IF they had been thinking along those lines, they would have acted on it sooner rather than later. It seems he has nothing to offer them in exchange for a plea, and due to the egregious nature of the crime, they’re not interested in letting him plead out.

That’s what I’m thinking, he has nothing to offer and they’re making a statement - Anyone who chooses to unleash terror on the streets of America will pay with their life.  After reading Jane24’s report on today’s status conference, Judge O’Toole’s comment about negotiations makes more sense.  Random tweets with little to no context are so frustrating!

Anonymous asked: Do you know if anyone has ever said where the controller was or how big they were? Just wondering if they were small enough to fit in their jacket pockets or what. Also did they find the controllers at the scene?

They found pieces of a controller at the scene.  I’ve never read a detailed description of it.