United States v. Tsarnaev


Accused bomber’s friend Stephen Silva, 21, was focus of undercover investigation, court docs say.

ongoing undercover investigation….


Accused bomber’s friend Stephen Silva, 21, was focus of undercover investigation, court docs say.

ongoing undercover investigation….

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Anonymous asked: Why are penises on old statues always so small?

The reason is pretty creepy.   Tommy Lee and Jon Hamm would have been shunned in ancient Greece.

Anonymous asked: In that controversial article it said mess gf ex-husband commited suicude by shooting himself in the head. Is there any way to check that out through public records?

If you know his full name and place of death (city and county) you should be able to obtain a copy of his death certificate.  It would state on it his cause of death, although it usually does not go into much detail on a death certificate.  It would only say something like, cause of death: Suicide, or Suicide due to self inflicted gunshot wound. But it would confirm if the person did in fact die by suicide.

Anonymous asked: What do you think of Brendan Mess(sp?) gf?

Well she’s certainly intriguing.  There does appear to have been a somewhat stormy relationship between her and Brendan, and her friendship with Tamerlan is worth looking into.

Anonymous asked: I/M/O Tamberlan was an FBI informant, or approached at some point by FBI to be one. I know J's lawyer asked for any documentation supporting this, but the FBI said they only talked to him once and to Zub. once. So, is it just left at that? We'll never know any more info. on the informant issue because FBI says otherwise?

Possibly.  The FBI knows how to cover their ass and are not accountable to anyone.

Anonymous asked: It seemed to me that Aza's lawyers blamed Dias for pretty much everything at his trial anyway, so why didn't he just go for a deal with FBI?

We don’t know what the prosecutors offered Azamat, but it must not have been that great of a deal if the defense was instead willing to risk a jury trial.  Now the Judge has to make a decision regarding sentencing, hopefully he’ll go easy on Azamat.

And Aza’s lawyers did blame the actions and decisions of that evening squarely on Dias.  I doubt their entire defense strategy was something Azamat did not agree to.

Anonymous asked: The Feds had to have known about the gun match for some time. They had the Collier murder weapon since the capture. They had to have raised the numbers around the same time and made the connection. I'm fascinated by the timing of these arrests. It's interesting that the Waltham murders hit the press so quickly after the capture and how everything seems to connect to it. Murder/Drugs/Terrorism, probably thought they were making huge arrests on every front, then the bombing.

Yes, the Ruger P95 was collected along with all the other evidence left at the scene at Dexter and Laurel.  While it’s still unclear when and under what circumstances the gun came to be in the possession of Jahar, it has surely been matched with ballistics from the Collier murder scene. 

The manner in which the Waltham murders hit the press was indeed interesting.  As early as April 20th Tamerlan was linked to the crime in the media, claiming the murder of his best friend may have had a lasting impression on him.   Two days later on April 22 the news reported that investigators were probing whether Tamerlan may have been involved as a suspect in the homicides.   So this guy blows up the marathon and all of a sudden there’s a break in the Waltham case?  It was very early on in the investigation of Todashev,  too early for the connection and leads to be found there.  I think someone screwed up by leaking information way too soon about Tamerlan’s possible involvement in the Waltham homicides as the investigation of the brothers and their associates was just beginning.  

But regardless, all roads lead to Waltham.

Anonymous asked: Does Bayan work as a chef in France? Cause that's quite a lucrative job for someone so young.

Sorry, I have no idea where Bayan lives or what she’s doing.

Azamat Tazhayakov refuses to frame Dias Kadyrbaev in exchange for freedom


Parents of Azamat Tazhayakov, found guilty of obstructing justice in the Boston bombings case, hope to arrange their son’s transfer to Kazakhstan. Amir Ismagulov, the father of the Kazakhstani student in Boston, talked about the hearing to KTK ChannelTengrinews reports.

On July 21, the jury found 20 y.o. Tazhayakov guilty of obstructing justice. The jury almost unanimously supported the version that Azamat took Tsarnaev’s backpack from his room. Judge Douglas Woodlock could sentence Tazhayakov to the maximum 25 years of imprisonment for obstructing justice and conspiracy. The sentence is due October 16.

Meanwhile, Ismagulov said that it was still too early to talk about extradition. “As for deportation, only the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan can work on that and we certainly will appeal to them,” Ismagulov said.

Tazhayakov’s lawyers will file an appeal against the court decision before August 22. The appeal will be examined only in September.

Ismagulov said that his family was still in shock after his son was found guilty. “His mother is crying day and night. We are asking our lawyers who said that it was a 100% winning case how this could possibly happen. There is no logic behind all this,” the father said.

Amir Ismagulov also shared that in June the prosecutors four times insistently offered Azamat freedom if he frames his friend Dias Kadyrbayev. “I want all the Kazakhstanis to know that in June, U.S. prosecutors approached Azamat four times offering him to frame Dias and say that it was he (Dias) who organised everything and disposed of evidence. They told him ‘we will let you return to Kazakhstan’. But Azamat refused. He said, ‘I know that neither I nor Dias went there to help Tsarnaev. I am not going to frame my friend. It would be a lie and I would not be able to live with it’,” the father said.

The hearing of Azamat Tazhayakov’s case started in the end of July. Dias Kadyrbayev’s trial is scheduled to start on September 8.

Um… what?  His defense strategy was to blame it on Dias.

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Anonymous asked: Do you think it's strange that Katherine Russell might be living with the Tsarnaev's? I mean the sisters might not have been involved in the bombing but I'd want to distance myself and my daughter from that messed up family.




I think it’s so strange that I don’t believe it to be true.  She’s under intense scrutiny right now and I’d imagine her lawyer would advise against such a living situation. 

It’s true. Her parents’ house was up for sale before the bombings but they took it off the market so Katherine and Zahira could have a place to regain a bit of stability - but they recently sold the house and so they’re living with the sisters.

They didn’t want this to get out because they don’t want media attention on their children - especially Zahira - but I guess that’s too late now. :/

I wonder if Katherine’s parents downscaled their living quarters, and that is why she and Zahira moved out.

But it must be hard living with the sisters, too. They have lots of children (including a newborn), and aren’t they struggling financially?

Another anon said she is living with them.  I don’t know who to believe, but if she is living with them her lawyer can’t be too thrilled about it.  Next we’ll find out that Michelle McPhee (?) is actually a reliable source of info and Matanov was involved in Waltham.  I’m getting woooozy…..